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  • CoolGrow ® Linear LED Multi-layer Plant Cultivation

    The CoolGrow® Linear LED grow light offers a unique platform for single and multi-layer crop cultivation plant factories. Where in traditional light setups many times a big part of the produced light isn’t used in an effective way, with the CoolGrow® Linear everything becomes just that little more effective what makes the difference at the end. By positioning the LED grow light bars as close as possible towards the crops, all the produced light is steered in the crop in the most effective way. …
  • CoolGrow® VF Vertical Farming - The Growers Platform for Propagation & Research

    This unique grow light platform for vertical farming applications combines all the best a grow light can offer. By embedding LED grow lights in the process of double glass manufacturing, the CoolGrow® VF comes as a one-of-a-kind complete grow light plate, directly IP65 waterproof and with a single power connection for a complete surface. The CoolGrow® VF generates a PPFD light output of up to 600µmol/sm². Standard size of the board is 1.20 meter by 0.75m but the size is scalable in both length …
  • CoolStack® - Die erste LED-Pflanzenleuchte als echter Son-T-Ersatz

    Kompakt und leistungsstark – das bezeichnet mit wenigen Worten, wofür die neuen CoolStack® LED-Pflanzenleuchten stehen. Mit einer marktführenden PPF-Lichtleistung von 1,500µmol/s aus einer LED-Pflanzenleuchte von 600 Watt bietet CoolStack® die ideale Alternative zur SON-T-Assimilationsbeleuchtung in Gewächshäusern. Während sich die Effizienz und Technologie von SON-T HPS-Pflanzenleuchten über Jahre stabilisiert hat, werden die Unterschiede zu den LEDs, die in der Assimilationsbeleuchtung im Gart…
  • MechaTronix

    Mit seinem Hauptsitz in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, einer hochmodernen F&E-Anlage in Taipei, Taiwan und globalen Vertriebseinrichtungen in Hongkong und den Niederlanden ist MechaTronix führend in der Welt der fortschrittlichen LED-Pflanzenleuchten. Als Teil des 8 Lakes-Konzerns mit Hauptsitz in Breda in den Niederlanden kombiniert das Unternehmen die High-End-Welt der asiatischen Technologie und Fertigung mit den Kernwerten eines westeuropäischen Marktführers. Wir bringen neue Technologien in den Sektor…
  • MITRA - the most powerful LED solution on the market

    Featuring a modular design, an innovative cooling solution, and IP67 dust and water resistance, MITRA is any growers dream come true. Designed to work both indoors and in greenhouses, MITRA is available in a host of different modules and spectral options making it the most versatile LED grow light on the market.
  • SIERA Lightbar

    Heliospectra’s SIERA lightbar-series is specifically designed for specific applications based on the needs of our customer. The lightbar is avaliable in the following spectrum variants; propagation, indoor growth, grafting/healing, far red treatment and high blue treatment. With a smart take on results driven horticulture, this turn key solution is a quick way to get going with vertical farming.