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  • Flex²B

    Flex²B is a software solution for the fruit and vegetable industry. The system insures that the right quantity and quality of vegetables or fruit are delivered to the customer. Flex²B can be used in operational environments from grower to shop. Even the smallest details can be registered, so that fresh produce of the right quality is delivered. Flex²B responds to the customer's need by taking care of their logistics, loading, receipts, quality management, inventory management, and warehouse…
  • Ryan® Ethylene Absorption Filters & Sachets

    While postharvest changes in fresh produce cannot be fully stopped, they can be slowed within certain limits. Featuring a mixture of natural clays and potassium permanganate (KMnO4), Sensitech’s line of Ryan® Ethylene Absorption products provide a cost-effective way to reduce the impact of ethylene on fresh horticultural commodities during transport and storage. Absorbing ethylene from the atmosphere around the commodity is a preferred method for slowing produce deterioration. Ryan Ethylene Fil…
  • SanLucar DREAMS Programm

    Mit unserem DREAMS Programm (Developing Responsible Environments And Multicultural Societies) konzentrieren wir uns auf lokale Projekte, die unseren Mitarbeitern, ihren Familien und der Gemeinschaft einen unmittelbaren Nutzen bringen. Denn oft sind es gerade kleine Schritte, die zu großen und nachhaltigen Verbesserungen der Lebensumstände führen. In Ecuador, zum Beispiel, toben sich über 400 Kids in unserer Sportschule aus. In Valencia machen wir jeden Tag viele hundert Menschen mit zwei Suppenk…