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  • KIF Filter Tubes

    KIF Tubes are used primarily in reefer containers and cold storages to absorb the ethylene gas inside the container. The long haulage and transportat ion can cause excessive accumulation of ethylene gas inside the container causing alarmingly high acceleration of ripening of ripening of fruits and vegetables causing early decay of the produce. The ethylene production from fruits and vegetable can hamper the freshness at the time the produce reaches the destination. Keep It fresh Tubes can be eas…

    Ethylene removal is a natural process that does not affect the property of fruit or vegetable. Ethylene that is released naturally can be continuously removed by KIF Ethylene Scrubber ES 657 through the process of adsorption and chemisorption. Ethylene Scrubber (BES) extends shelf life of fruits and vegetables, minimizes loss due to decay, ensures off season availability and eliminates harmful preservation practices that use Nitrogen and Sulphur gas. Fruits and vegetables, thus retain their natu…
  • KIF Scrubber Turbo

    REMOVES ETHYLENE INCREASES SHELF LIFE PREVENTS MOULDS FUNGUS COVERS 3000 CBM / 100,000 CU FT ZERO MAINTENANCE* DECREASES ODOUR LOWERS CROSS CONTAIMINATION Keep it fresh scrubbers will reduce ethylene levels up to 98.9 percent to reduce shrink and extend shelf life. The unit holds 50 kgs of the Kif power Balls. The media can effectively lower ethylene gas readings in storage areas from 75,000 to 150,000 cubic feet, depending on the commodities being stored. In larger rooms more machines can…