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  • Acadian Seaplants Limited.

    Acadian Plant Health™ is modernizing crop care through its biostimulant agricultural products that are proven to increase crop yields. Our biostimulants and bionutritional crop care products optimize plant growth, from root development to post-harvest, by improving plant establishment, biotic & abiotic stress resistance, and nutrition in plants. Browse our website to find out how our advanced crop science and biostimulants can help your crop reach its full growth potential.
  • Perimeter Walls

    Maximize both the environmental control and materials handlingpossibilities using various wall designsStationary wall coverings include reinforced polyethylene,polycarbonate, acrylic, glass and insect netHurricane resistant designs availableStructures can be designed for built in loading docks with various doordesigns available, including sliding doors and kneewall doors
  • Retractable A-Frame Rafter Style Greenhouses

    Protect your outdoor crops from cold, rain and heat. New Lower cost design offers same protection...less $$$ House Specifications 48ft between gutter  24ft between peak and gutter posts 13ft under gutte r38,000 sq ft per roof motor Loading Options 80 mph, 5 lb snow80 mph, 15 lb snow110 mph, 5 lb snow

    For over 25 years Cravo Retractable "flat roof" greenhouses have been used to protect rain tolerant outdoor crops from excessive heat, cold, wind and hail. One of the major benefits of this house design is with one roof covering, it functions as on open field and both as a greenhouse and a shade house with the same roof covering. They are the most economical retractable roof design available and are designed to cover large areas. One motor can close 9,000 sq m or 100,000 sq ft of roof …