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  • Banana Bunch Covers

    Blue PE bags used for banana cultivation to improve bananas’ quality, appearance & protect from birds & pests Available in tie or regular bags, bundle or loose bags to allow faster & more trustworthy harvest as well, as to improve fruit quality & appearance. Protects from external natural conditions (wind, rain, sun damage, etc.) & prevents from mechanical injuries (marks & scratches), & prevents from birds, insects & fruit flies from damaging the fruit & causing spots
  • Compost & Forage Bags

    Heavy-duty PE bags, mono or bi-color, for packing horticultural products, organic mixes & hydroponic media: compost, top soil, potting soil, peat moss, perlite, vermiculite, pumice, sand products, bark landscaping mulch, wood chips and fertilizers Used for livestock fodder or animal feed, it maintains freshness & protect packaged products from UV light. Available in sheets for Form-Fill Seal (FFS) machines, open-mouth bags or grip-hole handle with side-seal
  • Nayef Ghaith

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  • Grapevine Cover Film

    Co-extruded plastic films for covering vineyards Regular or thermal PE covers to prevent grape vine from freezing in winter, optimize light transmittance & minimize temperature. Protect grapes from rain during harvest & reduce temperature dissipation during night, as well as plant stress coming from high energetic sun rays. Provide better quality & earlier crops yield
  • Greenhouse Plastic

    Strong & durable up to 4-season co-extruded plastic PE greenhouse covers for fruits, vegetables & flower crops Regular or thermal film tailored to special applications & climatic conditions with a wide range of additives & filters: UV absorber, UV stabilizer, IR, EVA, light diffusion, foaming agent, anti-fog, anti-dust, disease control & anti-petal blackening.
  • Hydroponic Gully Film

    Co-extruded up to 3 layers UV-stabilized PE films to maximize light reflection & prevent weed growth Coping with Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), our films maximize light reflection with white layer promoting growth. Available in white/black, it regulates & controls root temperature while conserving water, nutrients & lands
  • Low Tunnel Film

    Co-extruded up to 3 layers PE low tunnel films, ideal to protect crop against climate aggressions & insects, as well as get earlier higher crop yield Clear or yellow-green colored film, designed for specific growing local crop with additives such as anti-fog, light diffusion, IR, EVA co-polymer, UV stabilizer. Available as regular or thermal film
  • Masterpak S.A.L.

    Established in 1974, Masterpak produces high-quality co-extruded polyethylene (PE) films and bags and supplies customers in Europe, the Arabian Gulf, Middle East, Africa, Asia, America and Australia. We serve a wide range of sectors, including the agricultural and horticultural sector, beverage, industrial, construction, catering, food, hygiene and tissue, pharmaceutical, as well as soap and detergent, chemical and petrochemical, household and retail sectors. Masterpak is a member of I…
  • Mulch Film

    Standard & high performance co-extruded up to 3 layers mulch films to enhance the fresh produce growth, yield & quality Available in different colors: clear, black, white, white/black, silver, silver/black, brown, silver/brown, green, grey, or yellow. Choose your macro- perforation with one to three rows
  • Silage Covers

    Multi-layer PE film used to protect all types of livestock forage stored in silage pits, bunkers, flat silos & haystacks UV-stabilized co-extruded film lasts 12 to 18 months. Keeps animal fodder fresh by providing an anaerobic condition free of light, water & oxygen. Fosters lactic fermentation for high-protein & high-energy silage resulting in reduced food supplement costs & prohibits acetic & butyric fermentation leading to deterioration & decay. Available in black, green, white, white/bl…
  • Soil Disinfection Film

    Co-extruded up to 3 layers PE-based film used for disinfecting the soil, protecting the environment & prohibiting destruction of beneficial organisms Available in solarization or regular film. Ideal for soil sterilization against pests, diseases, harmful viruses & bacteria with additives such as anti-fog, IR & EVA
  • Water Membrane

    PE pond liners used for potable water, waste water, fish & frog raising 3-layer co-extruded flexible, strong & durable film. Elongating under stress to maintain integrity of the liners. Resists against puncture, tearing or cracking, UV exposure, as well as low & high temperatures