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6 M. Shepeleva str.


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Telefon: +380 504138355

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iBerry Ukraine is an innovative farm using advanced technologies in berry business. Nikdaria LLC (TM iBerry) was founded in 2017.

Our mission – We make people healthier when they consume healthy products, we make ourselves wealthier, and we make Ukraine as a berry cluster in Europe based on innovations and smart technologies.
Our values – We will produce natural and healthy product aiming at improving our client’s health.
We care about our investors and ensure decent working conditions for our team.
We bring innovations and development to the lands with low productivity not attractive to traditional agriculture. The cultivation technology meets the best world tendencies.
We do not strive for being the first; we strive for being stably high-quality.

General strategy of business envisages obtaining organic production certificate for the products cultivated on the 20% of the farm fields.
All the seedling has phytosanitary certificates, certificates of origin and comes from the leading world nurseries: Fall Creek and Kusibab-Wyka.
It is very important to follow the growing, harvesting and storage technology in the berry. Successful berry business requires the farm to adhere to the technologies of cultivation, harvesting and storing. Our technologies allow us to control these processes (including remote control) using specification for each individual batch.

Duke, Spartan, Patriot, Bluegold, Bluecrop, Chandler, Elliot
Gordost Bakczara, Bakczarskij Velikan
Aspalim, Backlim, Хenolim, Portlim



Kharlan Evgen Kharlan

CBDO (chief business development officer)
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