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Halle / Stand


Suite 601-602, MIraflores Av. Alfredo Benavides 768
Lima LIMA 18


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +51 1 2437840
Mobil: +49 1511 2437840

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Westfalia Fruit Peru is a modern and dynamic business that became 100% part of the Westfalia Fruit Group in January 2020. The company provides technical support to more than 100 growers from 1,800 hectares throughout the country’s coast and highlands. At the operation’s nursery, highly productive Hass avocado plantations are managed through clonal propagation by means of different rootstocks such as Dusa, Duke 7, Degania, Lula and others. As the company is constantly searching for new growers, an in-house accreditation suppo​​​rt team is in place to ensure the highest fruit quality by the highest standards of the industry.

Westfalia Fruit Peru also works with two packhouses: the Torre Blanca processing plant located in Huaral, and the Sunfruits plant located in Ica. Each plant meets the most stringent safety standards and houses the most modern infrastructure, in addition to being accredited with HACCAP, BRC, BASC, Sedex Smeta, and Field to Fork.​