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Plantaza Prdejci
1480 Gevgelija
Nordmazedonien, Republik


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +389 71 578457
Mobil: +386 41 944 326

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Facts & Figures

Located along the Vardar valley in southern Macedonia, right next to the border of Greece, Vittoria Fruit has developed 140 ha of vineyards with state-of-the-art agrotechnology and now produces grape varieties suitable for the EU markets. The company’s packing center is located among the vineyards and has a cold store for precooling and storing harvested grapes with a 1000-ton capacity. Global GAP, BRC and BSCI certified.

Products & Services

Vittoria Fruit is dedicated to producing the best grapes for demanding markets. While developing its vineyards over the last decade, the company has increased the acreage year by year and tested different grape varieties to achieve the best growth. Varieties offered include: Prima, Victoria, Sublima Seedless, Michele Pallieri, Red Globe, Regina Inzolia and Apulia Rose Seedless.

Mission & Vision

The family-owned Vittoria Fruit is dedicated to steady and continuous expansion of the vineyards, along with implementation of the latest technologies available. Its priorities are continual investment and engagement with foreign experts to gain the best available industry knowledge for the company agronomists and the management team. Vittoria Fruit believes that a good climate, clean water, and a positive outlook are the right ingredients for the best future results. Aiming to become one of the best and largest exporters of table grapes from the highest quality in EU.


Biz Chances

Looking for distributors, retailers and service providers for our first class quality table grapes!