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Tanzanian Horticultural Association (TAHA)


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Halle / Stand


Kanisa Road, House No. 49 Arusha
16520 Arusha


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +255 27 2544568
Fax: +255 27 2544568

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The Tanzania Horticultural Association (TAHA) has become the most effective advocate for the horticultural industry with proven success in lobbying and international marketing of the industry. Horticultural industry is the fastest growing sub-sector of the national economy. Established in April, 2004, TAHA has made remarkable strides towards improving the status of the horticultural industry in Tanzania. TAHA is highly representative of the burgeoning floral, vegetable, fruit, seed and cutting exporters. TAHA is a result of reconstitution of the now defunct Tanzania Flower Association (TAFA). This was a necessary step as the defunct TAFA was only focused on the flower industry which is still quite small.


TAHA was established with the aim of promoting and developing horticulture and addressing the general and specific needs of its members. This involves among several things providing a collective voicing platform for issues affecting the sector, providing a common front for promoting the members businesses in and outside the country, advocacy for the improvement of the environment in which the sector operates.


“To promote the Horticulture sector in Tanzania to become more profitable, sustainable, and participate more effectively in the development of the country.”


“A vibrant, prosperous and sustainable horticultural production in Tanzania”