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Srboljub Arsic

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Srboljub Arsic

Owner/ Fresh blueberries


Fachbesucher von Lidoberry

Nade Dimic 4
11000 Belgrade
Central Serbia

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +38162223003
Mobil: +38162223003

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Company Lidoberry, establish in 2016. Is specialized for blueberry production. Its sister company is Lido Catering a privatly owned company since 2003. Blueberries from Lidoberry are produced on the territory of the municipality of Ljig. The plantations are spread over an area of more than 25 ha. Harvest begins in late May and, depending on the variety, may last until September. That gives us a great advantage compared to other regions. On our plantation the following varieties of blueberry are grown: Duke, Huron, Aurora and Draper.
Company have a 600 t capacity of modern cooler storage for blueberries as well and a machine for packing blueberries according to the requirements. The entire process of cultivation, storage, and distribution of fresh blueberries has been designed and implemented in cooperation with a team of experts from Serbia and abroad and thanks to that our company is recognized by our partners in the country and from the region.
Our current annual production is 150 t of blueberries and we are certified with Global G.A.P. standard.