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153a Metchley Lane, Harborne
B17 0JL
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Telefon: +44 12 12862280

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Saturn Bioponics is a multi-award winning hydroponic company dedicated to delivering sustainable soil-less crop production solutions into commercial agriculture globally.
They focus on crop production systems, know-how and specialist inputs to improve profitability, delivering the latest in hydroponic science and technology to provide improvements in yield, quality traits and costs of production. They have been working with commercial customers since early 2016 in UK and Italy and are now engaged directly or indirectly with major corporates and other global brands.
Saturn Bioponics is a highly innovative company, having done over 7 years of pioneering R&D, winning:
• 7 x InnovateUK related grant awards
• National Food and Farming Awards 2015: Special Award for Innovation
• InnovateUK SME Innovation Awards 2016: Innovation Leading to Productivity Improvement (national, across all industry sectors covered by Innovate UK)
The measure of their success in research and development is the credit they are given from the highest echelons of their industry: They are uniquely featured in Michael Gove’s 25 year Environment Plan – the only such business to be specifically referred to in the plan. The UK government recognised the importance of intensive agri-tech, in particular Saturn Bioponics technology.