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Saint-Charles International
Centre Administratif,
B.P. 15053

66030 Perpignan Cedex


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +33 468 546640
Fax: +33 468 545104

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Saint Charles Export’s aim, as leading SME group for exportation in France, is to bring together the different players of the fruit and vegetable sector, of transport and logistics, in one and single association working for the development of products, services and knowhow of Plateforme Multimodale Pyrénées Méditerranée «(MP²). Every business area is represented, from production to shipment, including international trading, transport, logistics and finance.
For the group members, the export approach becomes not only simpler, but also safer and cheaper… It is an efficient way to limit the client acquisition costs and increase the competitiveness of each of the members.
SaintCharles Export is an initiative which results from a strong public/private synergy. This common process offers an exceptional trade and logistics service and allows to get the right produce at the right moment, whatever the quantity. All year round !

The 200 SaintCharles Export member firms represent a marketing offer of 2.2 million tons from 1st january to 31st december, originating from three different French regions and from the import/export businesses attached to the 1st european platform for trade, transport and logistics in fresh fruit and vegetables.

Garden as well as orchard, the LanguedocRoussillon French Region is a crossroadfor the fruit and vegetable productions from southern countries (such as Spain, North Africa and southern hemisphere). Its strategic position allows a great diversity in terms of origins and varieties in fruit and vegetables, with a large seasonality.
This fruit and vegetable range, associated with a powerful logistics, enables a shipment all over Europe, within a very short delay.

This unique offer in Europe, rich with products filled with sun added to an exceptional quality in taste, is protected by a Quality Policy (« Démarche Qualité ») acknowledged and certified by the French government, This guarantees the food safety and batch traceability.

The member companies can thus ensure their customers regular freshness of produce, all year round, with cold chain integrity and mastering of the time factor.

The association on the same site of all transportation modes (rail, sea, ground and air) permits SaintCharles Export operators to :
  • Diversify their supply sources.
  • Receive produce from all origins.
  • Redistribute during all calendar year to every destination in Europe one package at very short notice.
  • Limit carbone cost in fresh produce transportation for a better sustainable development.

SaintCharles Export :
  • Represents more than 200 firms whose business is 100% Fruit & Veg.
  • 2,2 millions tonnes du 1er janvier au 31 décembre.
  • Organizes exploratory trade missions abroad for its members.
  • Participates in the main fairs in the sector (Fruit Logistica Berlin, Medfel Perpignan, Macfrut Cesena et Fruit Attraction Madrid).
  • Invites in France foreign buyers for B2B meetings.
  • Main origins are : France, Spain, Morocco, South America. The biggest producers from Spain, Morocco and Southern France are in operation on the site and are selling their own production.
  • All solutions in transport & logistics are available on the platform to deliver anywhere in Europe and outside Europe.
    - PortVendres harbour receives fruit and vegetables from West Africa and Marocco (300 000 tons / year). It is situated 15 miles from the Perpignan Saint Charles International Platform.
    - All railroad techniques ("Combined rail transport terminal", "autoroute ferroviaire", "conventional") are also available on site, delivering Paris and North of France everyday.
    - The main ground refrigerated transporters are present on the platform. 2 500 trucks / day on the SaintCharles’ site.
    - The main strength of the platform companies is their capacity not only in forwarding full truckloads, but as well in being able to send partial loads everyday for Ireland or GreatBritain.