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220 Lotissement Belle Vue
14302 Moulay Bousselham


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +212 537432006
Fax: +212 537432006

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Morocco's finest blueberries

Based in Morocco, African Blue is dedicated to growing, packing and exporting BLUEBERRIES to many countries worldwide. It is a joint venture between two leaders in their sectors of operation: Costa Exchange and Total Worldfresh
The combination of these successful companies guarantees that African Blue is an unquestionable leader of its category.
The company was set up in 2007 and started with 35 hectares of blueberry production - 11 years later and we now exceed 500 hectares of farm entirely dedicated to our flagship berry.
We are the earliest grower of the North hemisphere to offer such finest blueberries. We aim to deliver a very fresh and high-quality product in a unique window from January to June, meeting client and, of course, final customer requirements and expectations. We are also a producer and exporter of frozen blueberries, we are able to provide frozen fruit throughout the year.
We are committed to exceeding expectations and continuously improve the quality of our products to delight our consumers.



Faysal Slimani

Supply Chain Manager
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