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60th Sofiyskaya street Suite 1/2
Saint Petersburg
Russische Föderation


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +7 8127088522
Fax: +7 8127088522

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For over 15 years, RGS has been authority of importing and distributing fruits in Russia.We are proud of the reputation we have built for our products: quality, variety and freshness. We are committed to be a trusted partner of the fruit trade industry in Russia and CIS countries and value our close ties with producers worldwide.

The principal activities of the company are: import, wholesale and retail division.

Today RGS is a very active participant in the fruit and vegetable import market.

Distribution of imported products expands rapidly. RGS either by itself or with the help of partners manages wholesale distribution in all 7 Federal States in Russia. We understand the business and what it takes to satisfy our customers, whether large or small and we are committed to providing Reliability, Consistency and Quality.