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Zaha Hadidplein 1
2030 Antwerp


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +32 3 2052011

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With an annual freight volume of 235 million tonnes of international maritime cargo, Antwerp is the second-largest deepsea port in Europe. The Port of Antwerp handles all types of cargo, whether containerised, in breakbulk, dry bulk or liquid bulk. It has the capacity and expertise to handle all types of perishables cargo and deliver them in perfect conditions. The port offers an excellent connectivity guaranteeing a fast and cost-efficient onwards transport. In the last 5 years, perishables volumes continued to raise at the port year by year. A volume growth of 3% reefers is expected for 2019.

The Port of Antwerp has a long tradition in handling perishables and built up an impressive range of facilities with the flexibility to handle any perishable cargo, from fresh fruit and frozen goods to pharmaceuticals.
  • #1 banana port and major fruit port worldwide
  • Fast maritime connections with all regions, with Antwerp being first port of call for Latin America and West Africa for example.
  • Accessible for +21,000 TEU vessels
  • 9 deepsea terminals for reefer and/or conventional reefer cargo
  • Excellent unloading productivity of reefer vessel: + 2500 pallets/ shift
  • Highest container crane productivity in Europe: up to 45 moves / crane / hour
  • + 90,000 pallet places in temperature-controlled warehouses (bio, ISO 22000, AEO)
  • Investments in additional warehouse capacity 2019: +15% pallet places
  • Border inspection points next to the maritime terminals
  • Additional +60,000m² GDP certified warehouses

You benefit from the profound expertise of more than 50 dedicated perishables service providers. Thanks to their extensive experience, they deliver added value services and handle your cargo in line with your specific needs.
Services include: quality control, inventory management, packing and palletising, order picking, labelling, ripening, cargo monitoring services, etc.

Port of Antwerp offers a large variety of regular services to both overseas destinations and the European hinterland.
  • Strong maritime connectivity on all trade lanes. By arrival of the vessel, fresh products reach the market in less than 48 hours.
  • 80km inland location with 60% of the European purchasing power within 500 km from Antwerp: lower transit times & costs to reach Europe’s major fresh markets and consumption areas
  • Extensive network of European highways, waterways and railroads and regular barge & rail services.


Thanks to the hands-on mentality and dedication, the Port of Antwerp’s perishables service providers find a solution for every logistic requirement, even the most specific.

As a pioneer in Europe, the port of Antwerp invested in
  • successful pilot projects dedicated to cold chains, such as the use of an e-certificate for organic fruit & of an e-phytosanitary certificate for fruit
  • fully integrated monitoring systems combining several data sets and offering a far-reaching transparency on the status, location, quality and stock of the cargo and the cold chain.


Stefanie D'Herde

Marketing Communication Coordinator
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Ingrid Vanstreels

Key Account Manager Shippers & Forwarders
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Philippe Beaujean

Shippers and Forwarders Manager
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