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Via Eritrea 21
20157 Milano


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 2929841

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NNew Business Media is a company of the Tecniche Nuove Group, which includes some of the leading technical headquarter in the specialized publishing market. Areas of interest cover most of the productive activities and range from the retail world to the horeca and hospitality world; from the environment to the security; from construction and architecture to design; from the mechanical industry to Information and Communication Technology.

The numbers on the asset:
30 specialized paper magazines
34 websites
43 thematic newsletters
more than 400 titles in catalog edagricole
600,000 registered users to our portals
more than 750,000 unique month users
65 social networking channels active on our headlines
120 apps available for android and apple
These are just some of the figures that represent, better than any other argument, our leadership in professional information. With the magazines, books, internet services and thousands of other initiatives, New Business Media is now able to give voice and visibility to thousands of large, medium and small businesses who find in their co-ordinated means an important, often unique, to get to your target audience and find new development spaces.