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National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB)


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Telefon: +250 252575600

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The National Agricultural Export Development Board is currently offering the key following services:
  • To elaborate and implement policies and strategies for developing exports of agricultural and livestock products
  • To set quality standards of agriculture and livestock export commodities and make sure they are implemented
  • To issue certificates of origin for agricultural and livestock products for export as provided for by relevant laws
  • To supervise, facilitate and train private operators and cooperatives involved in agricultural and livestock production for export to benefit them and the country
  • To promote investment and contribute to increase investments in industry and infrastructure meant for adding value to agricultural and livestock product for export
  • To collect information on local, regional and international markets and disseminate them to stakeholders for use
  • To participate in various international negotiations and trade fairs, both in and outside the country to promote agricultural and livestock products for market expansion and greater number of consumers of agricultural and livestock products from Rwanda

Rwanda National Agricultural Export Development Board (NAEB) supports the export development of Rwanda agricultural and animal products from farms to both local and international markets. The support is done through fours divisions; coffee, tea, diversified products and Horticulture Division. In horticulure ssector, our range of products include French beans, snow peas, mangetout, eggplant, okra, cassava leaves, carrots, cabbage, sweet pepper, chilli, red and white onions, tomato, leeks, garlic, cauliflower, lettuce, courgette, cucumber, avocado, tree tomato, banana, passion fruits, mango, oranges, flowers, etc. The Rwanda horticultural products are the highest quality and comply to market standards due to the best agricultural practices that meet the environmental protection measures. Our products are grown under good agricultural practices in the favorable tropical altitudes which give our fruits and vegetables delicious taste and unique identity. These climate conditions allow us to grow and produce a wide range of fruits, vegetables and flowers throughout the year. The processed Rwandafresh products are certified for the recognized world quality industrial standards. The catalytic investment is done to support large scale production and markets for export including the projects like Kigali wholesale market for fresh produce, Gashora project for production of Chili and French beans, Gishali flowers park,....Except Gashora project. other projects are now open for both local and international investors. Sun fresh Ltd, which is running Gashora project, is on its good track to export the first fresh produce in first months of 2018 on European markets.

The marketing is done under national “Rwandafresh”brand . NAEB is supporting the exporters to exhibit their products in local and international exhibitions. Depending on market requirements Rwandafresh products are certified under Global GAP or organic certificates. We produce as well for the conventional markets. Rwandafresh products are trusted and exported in various markets including USA, UK, France, Belgium, Middle East, Vietnam and regional markets. This trend induced the tremendous increase of export sales and number of companies which export Rwandafresh products.



Horticulture Marketing Officer
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