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Maxstim for Berries is a unique, innovative product that helps
grow bigger fruits, produce higher yields and maintain overall
stronger, healthier plants that help to maximise your profits.

Maxstim has proven results in these areas:
  • Greater, higher quality yields and earlier harvesting
  • Fruits with higher brix, consistent size and firmer berries
  • Higher quality, hardier plants
  • Better natural resistance to pests and disease
Maxstim for Berries is suitable for: Blackberries,
Blackcurrants, Blueberries, Raspberries and Strawberries.


Maxstim Ltd.

Maxstim Ltd.



Maxstim Ltd are market leaders in the innovation and development of plant biostimulants, bioactives and complex treatments, that work to support the plant's natural processes within a variety of substrates and climates

Using natural ingredients, our products maximise a plants ability to survive and thrive. RNA sequencing found in Maxstim treated plants shows enrichment and differential expressed genes from key metabolic pathways. This demonstrates that the effect from using Maxstim is both systemic and repeatable. By increasing the health of crops, we also increase yield and quality.

Our products are utilised within the sports, commercial agriculture and horticulture sectors, across the globe.

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