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The Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker peels the mango and removes the 'cheeks' in a single operation. Once the fruit has been positioned the machine takes the mango by the stone, releasing it only when the cheeks have been removed.

Unique processing method
The mango is a very tender fruit and so demands special care in processing. Conventional peeling methods fail to provide the desired result, as the fruit is often damaged. So the Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker holds the fruit not on the outside, by the fruit, but by the stone.

The starting point - longer shelf-life
The fruit is peeled naturally as if it were being peeled by hand. In other words, in the length of the fruit. The result of this peeling method is an authentic, smooth cut. After peeling the mango 'cheeks' are being removed with two slightly bent blades, that follow the outline of the stone for maximum yield.

Features of the Mango Peeler-de-Cheeker
  • Consistent quality, comparable with hand-peeled fruit
  • Peeling method ensures an authentic, smooth cut
  • Also suitable for soft, ripe mangos
  • Capacity: 30 - 40 mangos per minute
  • Maximum diameter of fruit: 140 mm
  • Length: min.115 mm, max. 160 mm
  • Dimensions of machine: 6750 x 1270 x 2450 mm (L x W x H)

Fruit is tender and sensitive. So it needs to be processed with the utmost care. Our machines stand out for their careful treatment of the fruit during peeling, seeding, stoning, cutting or picking. The product is packed and processed in a protective atmosphere and, once processed, carefully prepared for shipping. The fruit thus remains in the best possible condition, resulting in a more attractive finished product with a longer shelf life.

Features of all our fruit-processing machines
  • Careful treatment and processing improves the shelf life
  • High processing capacity
  • Maximum yield per processed product
  • Equals or betters manual processing
  • Visually attractive end product
  • Easy to clean and to service
  • Meet European guidelines for the food-processing industry in relation to hygiene and safety
Features of all ZTI smart machines
  • Smart innovations that are distinguished by their simplicity
  • Simple and safe to operate
  • Equipped with the latest technology
  • Optimum balance between 'mechanics' and 'electronics'
  • Attractive recovery of investment time
We also process mango, melon, (table)grapes, dades, cashew, cabbage and many more fruits and vegetables. Please visit our website and contcact ZTI fot further information.


ZTI smart machines

ZTI smart machines



ZTI focuses nationally and internationally primarily on the flower, vegetable and fruit-processing industry. Smart innovations in industrial processes allow us to make manual repetitive work easier, safer, more sustainable and more efficient.

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