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Fresh Mango
Scientific Name: Mangifera Indica
Season: May to August.
Varieties include: Sindhri, SB Chaunsa, White Chaunsa, Dusehri, Langra, Ratol
Sindhri Brix: 16-17
SB Chaunsa Brix: 20-22
White Chaunsa Brix: 18-19
Ratol Brix: 21-22
Traits: Firm flesh, fiberless, juicy
Treatment: Vapor Heat Treatment
Capacity: 6 Tonnes / day
Packing Size: 1.5 Kg, 2.5 Kg, 4 kg, 5 Kg , 5.5 Kg Gross Kg or as per buyers Specifications
Current Markets: Japan, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait

Weitere Produkte


Roomi Foods (Pvt) Limited

Roomi Foods (Pvt) Limited



Setup in 2009, we have become one of the largest exporters of Table Eggs, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables of Pakistan.
Our personnel at all levels work hard to procure best quality fresh fruits and vegetables from GAP growers, wash, treat, grade and pack as per requirements of export destinations .
​We work with Wholesellers, traders, retail markets in many countries and provide them with round the year fresh produce.
Our products include;
1- Fresh Mango
Season May to August.
Popular varities include Sindhri, SB Chaunsa, White Chaunsa, Dusehri, Ratol, Azeem Chaunsa.
Mangoes are Vapor Heat Treated to deinfest them as a quarantine requirement to get them to export market.
Capacity - 6 Tonnes per day.
Currently we send to Japan, UK, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Kuwait and expanding to reach out to more destinations.

2- Mandarin/Kinnow
Season Dec to Feb.
Mandarin is full of vitamin C, water and is very refreshing.
Currently exported to Saudi, Qatar, UAE.
Capacity - 26 Tonnes per day

3- Fresh Potato
Season starts from February and can be supplied mostly all the year.
​Varities include Mozika(Long white) and Sante(round white) and red varities like astrax and pamela.
Washed and graded according to weight.
29 tonnes per day.

4- Rice
We have ventured with Rice Mills to export parbolied, steamed, brown rice as a new step in our expansion.

5- Dry Fruits and other fruits
We have started trials to export Dry Fruits like Almonds, Walnuts, Pine Nuts, Dates plus Pakistani Apple, Pomegranates.

6- Table Eggs - Washed and graded
​Small to extra large sizes packed in clamp shell packing.

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