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Post Office Box 411
Winnena Ghana


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +233 208113550

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The company M. G. Farms And Trading Ltd. from Ghana started growing Papayas in 1999 on 2 acres in the central region of Ghana. With hard work and dedication, M.G. Farms was able to start its own export. However, the climate in the central region was not ideal for growing papayas so the company decided to move to the eastern region of Ghana because the temperatures and rain patterns are more suitable there. Today, M.G. Farms owns 100 acres of land which is used for growing papayas.

In 2015 M.G. Farms started using 26.5 acres for organic agriculture to venture into a more sustainable agriculture. The organic nature of the papaya emphasizes its uniqueness in terms of physical appearance, taste, texture, and food safety. The high quality of the fruit as well as the sensation of the flavour perceived in mouth, makes M.G. Farms and Trading LTD an outstanding producer of papayas among other producers.

If you want to be sure of what you eat, then look nowhere than to M.G. Farms and Trading LTD Fruits where consumer's health and delight is made the topmost priority.


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