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1st Floor La Penuweri House
Sonatube, Kicukiro District
P.o.Box 2806

Kigali, Kigali 0100


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +250 789 490 372

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Mission, vision and business model

About the company: Lotec Rwanda is a horticultural firm established in 2013. Now branded as Golden Cat grows, packs and processes fresh fruits and vegetables using innovative techniques for the Export market in Europe.

Mission Statement: Golden Cat aims to improve productivity through improved irrigation, use of fertilizer, technology, and innovation, following a triple-bottom-line approach – Profit, People, and Planet (PPP) – as the basis for socio-economic impact value creation.

Vision: To ensure the production of quality products for the export and local market, with happy customers with a creditable, reliable supply-chain.

Business Model: Golden Cat sources its fresh produce mainly from out-growers, often smallholders organized in cooperatives. The company provides training to farmers on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and contracts them to produce quality products for the export market. Golden cat’s model consists of setting up demonstration farms on leased land from the farmer cooperatives, to provide examples of GAP which the farmers can follow for their own production. Also, the company Agronomist's are continuously on the field to track production practices and to anticipate needs including prevention of pests and diseases and ensure productivity. Once the products are harvested, they are sorted and packed depending on the customer requirements in adherence to the cold-chain management prior shipping to her clients in Europe and the Middle East.

In a nutshell, Golden Cat provides seeds and inputs to the out-growers (at no upfront cost), offer training, and regular supervision by a qualified Agronomist to ensure quality throughout the production cycle. The primary objective behind its business model is to support smallholders to earn higher margins than local market prices as a source of improved livelihoods and helping to Keep their children in school.

Back to the A-1 produce, we transport to the Pack-house, process, pack, and ship to our customers in the UK, the Netherlands, and France, according to their specific requirement in strict adherance to the cold chain management.

From seed to bean, bean to box, we guarantee the highest quality and food safety requirements according to the EU standards. All our products are traceable back to the individual farms.