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Association Marocaine Des Producteurs De Fruits et Légumes - APEFEL

Association Marocaine Des Producteurs De Fruits et Légumes - APEFEL



The Moroccan Association of Producers and Producers /Exporters of Fruits and Vegetables (APEFEL) was created on February 24th, 1994, in the presence of a large audience and in a spirit of cooperation and anticipation of the sector’s professional’s expectations.

The birth of the association is a turning point in the fruits and vegetables sector and this thanks to the emergence of a new unionism approach based on in-depth analysis of the sector’s constraints, and a great ability to generate ideas and suggest solutions. The APEFEL regroups more than 600 fruits and vegetables producers and producers/exporters who guarantee 80% of the global quantity of exported products.

The APEFEL’s top-priority is to defend the fruits and vegetables and producers/exporters in all producing areas and to promote their production through a rational organization of their profession at the level of: production, packaging, inner market, exportation.

Contributing to the establishment of any fruits and vegetables national strategy with respect to the country’s supreme interest, and the rights of producers/exporters, and consumers as well.

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