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Mc Garlet presents its new line of exotic Italian fruit.

Mc Garlet has always been a pioneer in the import of exotic fruit in Italy and a careful observer of climate change that has led in recent years, regions such as southern Italy, to become fertile ground for all those crops that normally require tropical climates. Close collaboration between Mc Garlet and farmers has allowed consumers to present a complete line of products that observe seasonality and production times.

The line will consist of several exotic fruit varieties that will be implemented along with some Italian excellence: Mango, Avocado, Lime, Lichus and Passion Fruit will be put beside Cedar, Bergamot and Chillies.


Mc Garlet Srl

Mc Garlet Srl



Mc Garlet is an Italian Company that import and distributes delicious exotic and counter-season fruits all over the world. The respect of the environment and of the workers of the production countries, guaranteed by the strict consideration of the international protocols and by the quality certifications acquired, made Mc Garlet able to reach its aim through the years and to create its own idea of the future as a big multicolored garden where they can be collected the most delicious, healthy, natural fruits.

The structure and the experience of the company guarantees the respect of the supply chain from grower to consumer with a fine attention to every details.

Mc Garlet main market:
  • Exotic and counter-season fresh fruits
  • Ethnic Fruits
  • Top quality Italian fruit with the brand “Figaro Fine Food”
  • Dried fruit
  • Fruit salad brand "Enjoy"
  • Cold pressed juice brand "Puro"
  • Avocado Pulp brand "Only Avocado"

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