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Drevendaal 9
2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver


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Telefon: +32 15316702

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Hortiplan guarantees reliable and durable technical installations and the service which goes with it for the modern horticulture, such as the work reliefing MGS ( Mobile Gully System ).
A Mobile Gully System (MGS) consists of a growing field in which the growing plants (lettuces, herbs,..) automatically move, in plant gullies, from the planting area to the harvesting area.
While moving along the growing field, the space between gullies widens in order to provide an optimum space for the plant in each stage of growth.
MGS is always fully adapted to the specifications of the greenhouse, the chosen crop, the chosen substrate, local climatic conditions and the wishes and needs of the grower.
An MGS can be kept small and simple, with manual putting of the plants in the gullies, harvesting on the gullies in each bay and a return of the gullies above the growing field.
But a MGS can also be designed for a large scale operation with a centralised robot that puts the plants in the gullies, a centralised harvesting station and a centralised return of empty gullies beneath the growing field.
Hortiplan has developed and will continue to develop machinery for automation of processes besides the growing (planting, harvesting, sorting & grading, packing).
All processes involve a minimum of actions and are ergonomic (adapted to the physionomy of the
workers) with the result that it is possible to work with fewer workers who have fewer physical complaints.


Biz Chances

MGS : always custom made

Whether it is a small scale installation for research facilities or a large scale operation with the need of far going automation, a MGS is always custom made.
Before buying at Hortiplan, an analysis of the wishes and needs of the grower together with the specifications of the greenhouse, the chosen crop, the chosen substrate and local climatic conditions is made.
The situation of every grower is unique and so is every MGS.
Every MGS is as simple as it can be and as automated as it is needed be. Far going automation can be offered. But if a project is small or when local circumstances (abundant labour at low wages) don’t ask for automation, the design can be kept rather simple.
Depending on the crop and its aimed at end weight, Hortiplan calculates the best distances between the holes in the gullies and between the gullies at all stages of the growing process.
At Hortiplan, our only concern is a satisfied customer with an installation that fully meets the needs and wishes.

Why choose for Hortiplan ?
1. Best quality
At Hortiplan we choose for a robust design of our MGS. We only use high quality materials. Where necessary food quality materials are used. Redundancy is a key word : an MGS should not fail.
2. Fair price
An MGS isn’t cheap. But Hortiplan offers the best price/quality ratio : the best quality installation for a good price !
3. Experience
Hortiplan built its first MGS installation in 1994. This installation is still operational. Since then many installations have followed.
4. World wide expertise
With installations built in Europe, North and South America and Australia, Hortiplan knows its way around in the world of lettuce and herbs. We are used to dealing with different types and qualities of lettuce and herbs, different climates and different cultures.
5. Continuous innovation
Continuous innovation is an important value for Hortiplan. We are always trying to improve the MGS concept.
6. Custom made installations
Every installation is completely custom made. No installation is identical to another. Hortiplan adapts its MGS concept to every type of greenhouse, every greenhouse dimension, every type of lettuce or herb, every growers’ wishes and needs.
7. Flexibility in plant density
No business remains the same. No market stays the same forever. Preferences of your customers towards a heavier or lighter produce can occur in the future. It is good to know that due to the draw bars used, the plant density can quite easily be changed after the initial installation.
8. After sales service
A MGS is not supposed to fail. Hortiplan has given it a robust design and only uses the best materials. If a breakdown would uneventually occur, service technicians are standby 24/7. By taking over control  of the installation from a distance, our service technicians can help you out with whatever problem or question.
9. Furthest automation
We know that a grower needs to do more than just growing. As a result Hortiplan has designed and installed further automation regarding planting and harvesting. When you buy at Hortiplan, you are sure of a supplier that can keep up the pace with your business when it sets off.
10. More than building installations
At Hortiplan, we do more than just supply you with the best possible installation. We are not just a supplier, we are a sparring partner for some of the best lettuce growers in the world. We think along with growers, always trying to be one step ahead with our installations and machines. We have an eye for your business as a whole, not only the growing but also the marketing. We are a source of knowledge. When buying at Hortiplan, you get in touch with a