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Great Wall Fruits was established in 1991, it focuses on fresh pears industry for 25 years. It is a leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization which has the wide business of planting, processing, storage, preservation and trading and so on. Now it owns 9 orchards and 3 packing houses with 50000T CA cold-storage for pears, and a new facility vegetable farm 130ha.Great Wall is a famous Pear Brand in China, and now Great Wall Group is the National Leading Agricultural Enterprise.
The company strength lies in its concentration, cooperation and year-round supply, Great Wall Fruits specialize in providing quality pears & apples, we are committed to satisfying clients’ requirements and expectations by excellent services.
Great Wall Fruits owns 9 orchards registered in Hebei CIQ. located in Jinzhou, Hebei. the sandy soil is fertile and good permeability. The average temperature is 15 °C. Frost-free season retains about 200 days. It has 2726.7 hours of sunshine per year. The annual amount of precipitation is upon 500mm. Groundwater resources are affluent. Great Wall Apple Orchard is located in Hebei province and ringed on three sides by green hills. It is the registered orchard for Canada and Australia markets. The excellent appearance and taste make the apples very popular in the markets.
The packing center has HACCP/BRC and QS certification which guarantees food safety, freshness and quality. The Great Wall Fruit Packing center is the first one to be awarded BRC class A+ Certification in Hebei Pears Industry. Great Wall Fruits aims to achieve the standards required for the latest certification to keep the company up to date.
Fresh-keeping Technology is one of our core competitiveness. Great Wall Fruits has the best CA facilities and the best storage technologies which can make the market supply time two months longer than usual and can keep the fruits much fresh with a long shelf-life. Great Wall Fruit supplies the quality pears all year round.
Great wall new Facility of 20000T CA cold storage was completed in 2016, with the vision of becoming a fruit international platform. Great wall fruits reached to a 50000T capacity and the distribution ability improved to a new level.
With 27 years of accumulation and development, our goods have been exported to USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Europe and Southeast Asia with good quality and popularity.