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Greenlight Supplier Approval is an online system that connects all members of a supply chain together to easily access, update and share due diligence information. With complete visibility of the audit trail of data relating to the approval status of your suppliers and supply network, you can have confidence that every consignment comes from a validated source that meets your customers’ protocol.

All information relating to the approval status of your suppliers is held in a single source, with the as-sociated due diligence documents as evidence, and cross-referenced against your end-customer compli-ance requirements for each product, mitigating the risks associated with sourcing from unapproved suppliers. Automatic alerts and notifications highlight an impending expiry or an outstanding task, keeping everyone informed of the status of your supply chain and enabling you to make important, in-formed decisions quickly.

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Muddy Boots Software Ltd.

Muddy Boots Software Ltd.



Muddy Boots Software gives businesses the power to measure and monitor quality and compliance throughout their supply network. With over 20 years' experience in the fresh food sector, we have developed a suite of software solutions that allows data to pass up and down supply chains from farm to retailer, providing insight that enables customers to instantly view, manage and report on the quality, traceability, and compliance of their products and suppliers.

Strengthen supplier relationships
Promote collaboration up and down your supply chains with cloud-based software and offline apps. Measure, monitor and manage the performance of your sites, suppliers and products.

Mitigate risk in your supply chains
Give your supply chain members easy access to your quality and compliance criteria, so they are clear and aligned on your requirements, to better service your customer.

Save time and money
Provide your business with improved visibility on performance to identify and address areas of inefficiency and waste.

Achieve competitive advantage
Muddy Boots gives you the tools to let your customers know that you’re in control, and gives you the opportunity to exceed their expectations on quality and compliance.

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