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Green Egypt for Agricultural Investment Co. (Agreen)


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89 El Emam El Shafey St.
10th of Ramadan City


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +20 15 350001
Fax: +20 15 350005

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EL BANNA Group Companies are the market leader in many industries in the middle East, like poultry, agricultural and tourism. AGREEN is one of El Banna Group which is considered to be the biggest grower of oranges in the Middle East, AGREEN owns 3000 hectares of orange in Wadi El Molak as well as 9000 hectares in the Wadi El Notron area. Its production is around 150000 ton of Navel and Valencia oranges per season, this production subject to annual increase of 25 %.

Agreen production will be around 250000 ton of oranges within the coming two years, Agreen has more than 30000 hectares of different crops like potatoes, barley, wheat and yellow corn, Agreen has the best quality of oranges in Egypt. Agreen was used to sell its production to all the Egyptian exporters (Indirect Exporting) because it was concentrating on the reclamation of its land and producing orange.

In 2008, Agreen decided to start exporting its production directly to all the foreign importers (Cut Middleman), hence it constructed a very big pack-house with the capacity of 500 Pallet Per day.


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