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Ghana Export Promotion Authority


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Telefon: +233 21 689889
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Ghana Export Promotion Council (GEPC) was established in 1969 as an agency of the Ministry of Trade and Industry . GEPC has the national mandate for the development and promotion of non-traditional exports in Ghana and was set up primarily to diversify Ghana's export base away from the hitherto three traditional export products, i.e. Gold, Cocoa Beans and Timber Logs and Lumber. To date there are over 230 different non-traditional export products categorized into Agricultural, Processed/Semi Processed and Handicrafts.

GEPC has a clientele base of over 3,000 registerd private sector exporting companies organized into 15 Product Associations. GEPC relates to her clients both on individual corporate basis and as groups/associations.

GEPC is positioned in the national export system as a coordinating pivot for the various public and private sector trade agencies involved in trade development and facilitation. GEPC acts as an interface between these bodies and the over 3,000 clientele.

Strategic Areas of Focus
* Market Access and Development
* Product Development and Supply Base

Expansion support for selected priority products.
* Trade Information and Communication
* Exporter and Institutional Capacity

Strengthening e.g. Technical and market advisory services to about 1000 exporter firms annually
* Coordination of Export Development

Activities through consensus building with stakeholders

Core Activities and Programmes

The core activities and programmes of the GEPC are as follows:

* Market access and penetration missions, Contact Promotion Programmes, Trade Fairs and exhibitions, Buyer-Seller meetings and Conferences, Group-marketing schemes etc.
* Organisation of contract production/supply schemes, establishment of Export Production Village Schemes, technical advisory services to facilitate product and market development as well as supply chain management.
* Dissemination of Trade Information through maintenance of a Trade Library, publications and establishment of an internet-based trade information network.
* Strengthening of export trade training capacity through operations of an Export School that organizes product, market and specialized trade development courses for export companies, trade facilitating agencies and businesses.
* Hold Consultative Fora and round table consensus building activities with the view to co-coordinating export-related programmes.