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Kahl Bulding Suite 152, Jkia


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Telefon: +254 72 4319254

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Forever Green Growers Ltd, established in the year 2015, have made a strong presence with its superlative array of agricultural products. We are a well-known exporter of mainly avocados (both the Fuerte and Hass varieties) organic and conventional and other agricultural produce such as Kenya beans, baby corns, carrots, snow peas, mango-tout, sugar snaps, passion fruitsand Asian Vegetables.
Our goal is to meet the needs and high expectations of our customers. We ensure this by contracting and sourcing for our produce only from reputable farmers and suppliers who have a keen interest in providing quality produce, and adhere to the international standards.
With our properly managed farms, excellent customer care and wide experience that we have accumulated over the years, you are guaranteed a full solution to all your building needs.
Forever Green Growers is Global Gap Certified, and Organic Certified for our Avocado farms.



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