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Farm Fruits For Agricultural Investment


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El Banna group building, plot 12 MC1, banks area beside QNB bank
10th of Ramadan


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +20 102 555 0750
Fax: +20 100 324 1122
Mobil: +20 100 666 6458

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AGREEN is the biggest grower and exporter of citrus in the world with an annual production capacity of 220,000 tons of citrus subject to an annual increase of 25%.
AGREEN’s farms include a wide variety of citrus ranging from oranges, and mandarin to lemon, and grapefruit.
AGREEN’s production is expected to reach half a million tons of citrus by the year 2024.

The ministry of trade has officially announced that by the end of June 2019, Agreen, for the 6th successive season, stays the largest grower, packer, and exporter of Citrus in Egypt and Middle East in general. This season we exported 171,000 tons (7400 containers) to more than 65 countries over the world; 15% growth in volumethan last season. Always, 100% our own farms production, packed in our own pack houses, and under our full supervision and control from nursery to our clients depots.
AGREEN constructed its first pack house in 2007, using high tech fruit machinery with the capacity of packing 500 tons per day.
In 2014, AGREEN built its second pack house with a capacity of 800 pallets per day, designed with the latest blemish and automatic sorting technology.
AGREEN is to build its third and fourth pack houses soon. The third packhouse is planned to operate in 2020, while the fourth will shortly follow in the coming few years. The capacity of the third and fourth packhouses will be 1500 pallets per day to end up with a gross total of 3300 pallets per day for all AGREEN pack houses.

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