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Kempenarestraat 53, bus 2
2860 St. Katlijne Waver


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +32 15 322868
Fax: +32 15 322870

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Euro Pool System is a market leader in the field of reusable packaging in the European fresh supply chain. Our reusable trays are the standard in the chain for fresh and packaged foods. Every day producers, transporters, processing companies and retailers profit from the advantages of our products.

Guaranteed availability
Our innovative pool system is designed to guarantee 100% availability of our trays. With 50 service centres and service provision in 27 European countries crates are readily available to meet your needs.

No packaging damage
Our reusable crates are ultra-sturdy and provide your product with optimal protection during transportation. This means considerably less product loss than compared with cardboard packaging.

Clean and hygienic
At the end of each rotation our trays are thoroughly cleaned according to a strict washing regime. This ensures a consistent source of clean trays that comply with the highest quality and hygiene requirements.

Efficient logistics
Being the packaging standard our crates can be used in automated logistic processes throughout the entire supply chain. Moreover, our folding trays ensure maximum efficiency, taking up 86% less volume on the return trip.

CO2 reduction
By choosing Euro Pool System you can reduce your CO2 footprint considerably. Our reusable trays can last for 10 years, are fully recyclable and are therefore much more durable than single-use wood or cardboard packaging. In addition, our innovative logistics solutions also contribute to CO2 reduction and sustainability in the fresh supply chain and in your company.