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Next Level Grading
Since the company was founded in 1989, Ellips has focused on the development of optical grading & sorting technology for the fruit and vegetable market. This ongoing dedication to the development and enhancement of our technology has resulted in industry leading solutions and thousands of customers who benefit from our commitment to continual improvement, more…>

Best of both worlds
By working closely with the camera, lighting and computer providers, Ellips ensures that its solutions incorporate the best hardware technology available. For software development and optimization, our R&D staff performs ongoing research and development to ensure that our grading technology will deliver the best possible results.

Less food waste, more food value
The accuracy and flexibility of our grading technology, enables Ellips to deliver unmatched value to our customers compared to other grading systems or sorting methods. Fruit and vegetables end up in the right place, less food is wasted, the entire grading process is more efficient and end customers can be assured of consistent quality. Data captured though the process provides a continual flow of information that can be used to optimize operational performance and identify potential opportunities for improvement.

No time to waste
To further benefit our customers, we collaborate with distribution partners who have deep knowledge and experience associated with specific geographies and/or commodities.
Ellips grading technology provides our customers with a competitive edge and the ability to cost justify their investment within 2 to 3 years! So why wait? Start ”Next Level Grading” today!