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Al Obour City


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Telefon: +20 0244891549

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El-Taybat for Agricultural Projects was established in 2010. The main site of 2230 acres is located in Baharia Oasis, Giza Governorate, 375 km far from Giza pyramids. El-Taybat has been in the field of agriculture, producing high quality products in Egypt for 10 years. The company has dedicated strategies for serving their overseas clients with organic good quality and produces at the best competitive prices.

In order to comply with all business and agricultural regulations and requirements, El-Taybat adapted the GlobalG.A.P. and organic systems. At the same time El-Taybat counts with a production team of more than 300 experienced and qualified employees. The team is complemented by supervisors and field workers who are compensated in a manner that provides continuity of labor throughout the entire year. The product range of El-Taybat includes most organic herbs such as peppermint , spearmint , dill and sage, as well as a fruit section of grapes and Medjoule palm dates.