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We think, dream, and speak zero-waste.

Ekofungi is a medium-sized organic mushroom producer that embeds sustainability into each step of the production. It was founded in 2012 to apply the experimental results from the field of mushroom-science and production-technology into scale of production. The outcome was a process with increased productivity, profitability and sustainability, for which Ekofungi is globally renowned.
Ekofungi’s motto is to transform waste into taste. This was achieved not only by implementing new processes of production but new technologies too. The company’s engineers have ‘in-house’ developed a cutting-edge machine that allows to prepare oyster and champignon mushroom substrates from a variety of raw material (mostly waste materials from other production) with 90% lower energy inputs compared to the conventional production system. Furthermore, the same machine is adopted for re-treating the substrate after production and to transform it into a nutrient-reach, fully organic compost, therefore improving the quality of organic agricultural soils, contributing to soil carbon sequestration, and supporting sustainable food production. The final result is a zero-waste process, that proves the unique potential of fungi to be a key enabler of the circular economy.
Thanks to its cutting-edge production system, Ekofungi was awarded as Serbia's most innovative company in 2014 with the AUREA prize, and further recognized as a promoter of global sustainable business by Gunter Pauli, world-renowned economist in the Club of Rome and author of The Blue Economy.
Currently, Ekofungi is the only organic producer of cultivated mushrooms in Serbia, certified both by Serbian authorities and the European Union. We have developed a fully new line of dried mushroom products that is here presented. Our packages preserve the finest quality of dried organic mushrooms mixed with other exquisite organic vegetable locally produced. Our products are nutritious (reach in proteins and mineral), organic and easy to use. You can prepare them as stand-alone meal or as part of delicious recipes that you can find on our website. Ekofungi’s products need less than ten minutes to be ready for cooking, only ten minutes to savor all those traditional flavors of organic produced mushrooms and vegetables. Moreover, as we care about every aspect of the production, the adopted low-temperature dehydration process ensures that the nutritional values of the ingredients remain absolutely intact.
As well, the long shelf-life of all our products easies the consumption of organic vegetables for all those busy consumers that do not have time to go to buy groceries and for those ones that don’t buy fresh products to avoid food waste at the end of the week. Now with Ekofungi’s dry packages, everybody can have long-lasting, nutritious, sustainable produced organic mushrooms at hand.


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