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Ansprechpartner von Doni Fruits Shpk (LLC)

18 Tetori pn.

Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +355698364263
Mobil: +37744400310

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Seeking to increase cooperation with existing buyers while expanding partnerships with various Companies around the world to supply them with fruits and vegetables.


Exporting fresh fruits and vegetables, is the main activity of the Company in product group. Based on the respective seasonal products, we offer all kind of products in group of fruits and vegetables particularly for the following products: Tomatoes; Cucumbers; Peppers; Cabbages; Leeks; Watermelon; Melon; Strawberries etc.


Doni Fruits Shpk (LLC)

Doni Fruits Shpk (LLC)



DonI Fruits Sh.p.k. (LLC)

As a small family business, established on the beginning of the year 1958 with the activity of collecting, cultivating and exporting fruits and vegetables.
With a solid base of experience in export, retail and wholesale of fruits and vegetables, with hard work and joint commitments, Company created reputation and was welcomed by Kosovas citizens and various cooperative partners from the region in regard of purity of the activity, product quality, customer care and to hard work.
The growth rate of activity, satisfactory economic and financial indicators, brought investment ideas for creating new organizational units and sub-units in the Republic of Albania and Macedonia with the idea of creating a chain for the collection, cultivation and exportation of products fruits and vegetables.

Today, Company poseses a good number of collection points and a good number of points of sale in three different countries.
Production expert team, covers and supervises process of sowing and harvesting, controls process of collection in our warehouses in order that buyers can have priority and compete with quality of our products in different international markets which are supplied by Doni Fruits.
Mostly, products are exported in countries such as Switzerland, Sweden, Netherland, Italy, France, Romania, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Croatia, Ukraine, Belarus, Serbia, Montenegro etc.

To be one of the most attractive Company in the field of fruits and vegetables.

Achieve leadership in providing quality products in chosen markets through purity of activity, product quality, customer care and great dedication to work.

Our daily code of conduct is exemplified by few following core values:
  • Team Work; We function as a team within functions, we cooperate between functions, we collaborate together, we aim for excellence and leadership in our chosen markets.
  • Respect; We hold our customers and partnership in high esteem, we uphold our partners and customers’ demand for quality of products, we appreciate and respect our profession and, above all, our Company.
  • Professionalism; We are proficient and efficient in all that we do, we provide products knowledgeably and skillfully.
  • Integrity; We are recognised by our reliability, credibility and character. We believe in ethical, honourable principles. We stand for and abide by honesty, truth and transparency.

Doni Fruits, as a business enterprise, will actively pursue its business interests through the exercise of fair and legal competition. As a company, will also continue to play its part in the growth of the local and global economy, while always striving to enrich the society within which it operates.

Management concept:
Management policy;
We are customer oriented;
We take the lead of each market;
We will amplify the free and broad-minded cultural climate through fair management of the Company;
We have sound ideas about quality, safety and environment, and take responsibility as a member of society;

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