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Ruta Nacional 38. Km 763
4134 Acheral


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +54 3863 496200

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Citromax is one of the main citrus producers in Argentina.  The Company is located in the province of Tucuman, 1.200 km. north of Buenos Aires, the Capital of Argentina. 
With lemon as its main activity, the Company is devoted to the cultivation, industrial processing and fresh fruit sale. Most of the production is carried out in their own fields located in a privileged environment, the Tucuman foothills - In addition, the Company relies on a team involving highly qualified Professionals and their highly skillful work. In 2006, Citromax added blueberries to its cultivations, which are supplied as fresh fruit and as IQF (Individual quick Frozen).
The following figures support this information: Citromax owns 4.500 hectares of lemon and 160 hectares of blueberries; from which 60 hectares correspond to Organic Fruit. Production totals 150.000 tons of fruit, with a processing capacity of 200.000 tons of processed fruit and a fresh fruit packing capacity of 35.000 tons; moreover, blueberries production is 1.5 million kilograms. For both crops, Citromax is a leader in the production of Organics.
Having started its activities in 1964, the Company is vertically integrated: Conventional and Organic Products are processed as well. Both types are certified as per their quality since all the involved processes are audited by the most widely recognized national and international standards - from production in greenhouses to products in market shelves for consumers.
100%  of  the fresh fruit "Lemon" is exported under the quality seal “ALL LEMON Tested & Certified for Export”, which guarantees the high quality of the fruit supplied overseas to different destinations, such as the European Union, Russia, the Middle East and Asia.
Citromax has an Industrial Plant for the processing and packing of lemons and blueberries. IQF facilities have been built due to a large investment, starting its first processing season in 2012.

Biz Chances

Citromax is an integral part of four holding companies operating in different regions:

Citroil Enterprises, Inc. United States of America
Citromax S.A.C.I Tucumán - Argentina
Citromax Essentials Ltd. A.S. Brazil
Fritzsches S.A.I.C.A. Buenos Aires - Argentina