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Our carrots are grown by our experienced farmers in Serbia, we handle the washing and the packaging. We can calibrate and package to the needs of the costumer. The packaging options are 5kg bag, 1kg bag and jumbo 1t bag. Our carrots have an outstanding flavor and exquisite color.


Carska basta doo

Carska basta doo



Our company was founded in 2008 with the idea to unite gardeners and with joint forces find a market for our products which are fresh vegetables. We have signed a contract with the supermarket chain "Gomex" and we supply their close to 200 stores with 100% frest vegetales and fruits throughout Serbia. We cooperate with around 300 gardeners, and with 200 gardeners we have a signed cooperation contract for 5 years. We have also invested in a fermented cabbage production department which produces yearly around 250 t of fermented cabbage. With combined funds from the Hungarian Government and OTP bank loan we are finishing a 3,5 million euro project. This includes a 3000 m2 cold storage and a carrot washing and packaging line. With this investment our company will exceed the needs of Gomex and also other supermarket chains in Serbia, and our goal is to find constant market places in foreign countries, primairly in the European Union.

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