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Konarzewska 4
60-101 Poznan

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Blulog, along with its distributors: Just Italy, Innolabel, Bluline Solutions and Biotraq focuses on wireless, fully calibrated and affordable temperature monitoring solutions for both the transport and storage of temperature-sensitive products. Among the proposed solutions, we can count:
  • the NFC data loggers (for monitoring of temperature-sensitive products during transport and whose data are readable with a simple smartphone)
  • Radio Frequency system (for real-time monitoring of temperature-sensitive products during storage, providing alerts via SMS or email).
Blulog invented and developed also the solutions such as:
  • The Coldfinder System (a QR code which allows consumers to check for themselves that the products offered in supermarkets were kept in the right temperature conditions)
  • the BlutRoad, a complete, wireless, continual temperature-monitoring solution designed for refrigerated ground transport. The system measures and delivers temperature data, minute after minute. It is comprised of temperature data loggers placed inside the refrigerated areas and of a hub in the cabin of the truck that transmits data to the cloud. The hub has its own battery, allowing it to continue transmitting independently, even if the truck is stopped.
  • Blutrack – enables wireless, real-time monitoring and management of the pallets or boxes. Thanks to this system users can not only track the temperature and humidity parameters, but also the geolocation of their assets.
French-Polish company, Blulog is already well established in France, Poland, Belgium, Germany, Spain, and already has nearly 30 distributors and integrators covering Europe. Created in 2014, the company wants to conquer new markets and export its simple and practical solutions, especially in the American and Asian regions.
Blulog’s NFC solutions are particularly suitable for worldwide transport and logistics, as they rely on an universal standard and applicable to all transport modes.


Jeremy Laurens

Sales and Marketing Director
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