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No. 453-454, Moo 4, Pakrat, Banpong


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +66 32221781

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Blue River has a highly experience team for agriculture business. The team at Blue River has experience from 10-25 years for agriculture and fresh produce business. We always the leader of innovation and continuous development. Our outstanding work cover from new products development, new packaging, new standard, etc. At present our development area are on organic products, fair trade standard and sea freight development. Our organic products and prepared fruit or ready to eat fruits are launched by year 2010

Our first philosophy for food is food safety. We can develop food safety program to support customer requirement from both farm and processing facility. Our farms are accredited by GlobalGAP and LEAF Marque and continue to work with TN10 and SQF 1000 farm standard. Out packhouse is accredited by GMP, HACCP and BRC standard. We are working for specific standard such as SQF2000 and ISO 22000.

From Blue River and group of Blue River company, We can provide customers and cover for following products;
  • Fresh Conventional & Organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Ready to eat and ready to cook fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Frozen Conventional & Organic fruits and vegetables.
  • Juice both concentrated and ready to drink. Both organic and conventional.
  • Retortable pouch for fruits and vegetables. Both organic and conventional.
  • Canned fruits and vegetable, both organic and conventional.
  • Tetra recart fruits and vegetable.