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Kakuzi farms  over 400 Hectares of avocado, producing and exporting Hass, Pinkerton and Fuerte  cultivars. The Hass season runs from June to mid-September with Fuerte and Pinkerton starting a little earlier in March/April.

Hass Avocados
Kakuzi produces the Hass variety of avocado. The temperate climate is perfectly suited to high quality avocado production and our Hass product is known for its good taste and eating quality.
Kakuzi is also continuously expanding and developing further Hass avocado outgrowers. Kakuzi currently has 110 Hectares under this initiative and further growth in production is planned in coming years.

Fuerte Avocados
Kakuzi exports is Fuerte, which is grown by Smallholders. Kakuzi buys and exports Fuerte from Smallholders. We work closely with the Smallholders to improve quality and reliability of supply.

All of our own production is GlobalGap accredited while the Avocado Packhouse is ISO 22000:2005 accredited.
Avocado Packhouse
At Kakuzi's Avocado Packhouse all avocados are graded to eliminate fruit with physical quality defects such as insect and wind damage, bruising and sunburn and the fruit is also weight sized. Fruit is packed into cartons with net weights of either 4 kg or bulk packs of 10kg. Packed fruit is then placed in cold rooms to cool in preparation for shipping in refrigerated 40ft containers. The time taken from picking and packing to reaching the European market is 30 days on average.

Macadamia Orchards
Currently 617 Hectares are planted with macadamia with expansion planned to 2016.
The plantations are immature and have yet to provide a harvest.
The macadamia project at Kakuzi is a strategic development for the Company and once production comes on-stream, this will add to the existing Camellia Groups investments in Malawi and South Africa. Collectively this will make the Camellia Group one of the largest macadamia suppliers in the world.








Kakuzi Plc is a listed company trading on both the Nairobi and the London Stock Exchange. We grow and market Hass and Pinkerton avocado. We also have extensive macadamia, pineapple, forestry and livestock operations.

The Avocado operation consists of an intensively managed and internationally accredited 800Ha orchard and packhouse operation producing 2.5 million cartons per annum. The harvest season for Hass runs between May to late September and Pinkerton harvest is between April to June. A significant out grower program is in place to develop local farmers and assist them in accessing high quality export markets.

The Macadamia operation will have a state of the art cracking facility commissioned in July 2016, meeting all the required international food safety standards. This plant does process the product from the Companies 1,050Ha plantations.

The Livestock operation comprises of 4,500 head of Boran cattle for beef production.

The Forestry operation produces quality treated fencing, electricity transmission and construction poles. Quality sawn timber is also produced from our sustainably managed Eucalyptus plantations.

The company is committed to the principles of Social Responsibility, which are embedded within the company’s business strategy and are reflected in the business decision–making each day.

Kakuzi is uniquely placed to support our customers’ businesses for a number of reasons:
  • The climatic conditions are ideal for quality avocado production. Our focus is on the production of fruit of a consistently high quality. We have maintained this standard over many years by employing qualified personnel and operating to a strict best practice regime.
  • We make use of sustainable use water resources through a network of dams. These dams harvest run-off water in the rains. The well maintained riparian areas for these dams also benefit the diversity of mammals, birds, reptiles and insects.
  • We control all aspects of the supply chain from the orchards through to cold-storage and onward dispatch and shipping, providing assurance on product traceability.
  • Our logistical experience ensurers that the fruit arrives on time and to the specified quality.
  • We apply internationally recognised agricultural and packaging standards in our operations.
  • We have a significant out grower program with local farmers to develop and assist them in accessing high quality export markets
Kakuzi Plc parent company is Camellia Plc, a UK based corporate.

We are highly focussed on food safety and quality. We are proud of our award winning track record.



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