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RR. Durresit, Sheshi Karl Topia, Kulla 3 Kati 2


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Telefon: +355 692052616

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We work to offer fresh and healthy products, with no residues, implementing the technology and the highest standards of production. We want to create a durable relationship with the customer, who must have information what product is buying, how it is produced and what values does he have. Agro ILIRIA Farm is located in New Karavasta, Divjakë, Lushnja. The total surface is 100 hectares. For about 20 - 25 years it has been a fallow zone. The plots are situated on the side of the park Divjakë - Karavasta, which since 1994 has been included in the International Ramsar Convention, which gives a special importance to all area. In the farm, you will easily find the respect of natural resources; adaptation to environmental conditions; divulgation of successful experiences; use of fertilizers and pesticides of natural origin; good agricultural practices and organic production. The main products are hydroponic greenhouse vegetables and production of olive oil extra virgin certified organic, generally from local olive cultivars. Vegetables include tomatoes (cluster type and cherry), cucumber and other species like spices, Iceberg salad, etc. Agro Iliria Company started the production with 2 ha of greenhouses, but in the medium - term plans to expand to 50 ha of greenhouses. Crops and varieties will be determined considering the partners and market demand. Olive is the second product, where actually we planted 30 ha of olives, mainly with local Kalinjot, known for oil optimal quality and special organoleptic characteristics. Furthermore, the surface of olive will double in the coming years. Olive oil will be obtained through cold pressing line with three phases and offered in the market in different packaging 0.2, 0.75 and 1 l. A special product will be the oil produced from the olives without pit, with better characteristics, especially for children. Production of greenhouse vegetables is conform and certified GlobalGAP while olive and extra virgin olive oil is certified according to organic production standards. Products of 2016 are projected to be sold mainly in the EU market.