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Paraje Los Leandros, 45 - Ctra. Chacon
30708 El Jimenado


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +34 968 587587
Fax: +34 968 587643

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Agridemur Marketing is a company focussed clearly on the pre-prepared convenience food products markets, although it also operates in fresh produce markets.

The products are: Iceberg lettuce, romaine lettuce, endive, curly endive, Green Batavia, Butterhead Lettuce, Lollo Rosso, Lollo Biondo, Red oak leaf, little gem, multi-leaf lettuces both green and red, spinach, radicchio, broccoli, artichokes and kale.

The entire agricultural activity is fundamentally certified by the most stringent international accreditations such as Global Gap, Global Grasp, Tesco Nurture, Leaf Marque, as well as the ISF quality standards

Our business and trading activity extends throughout Europe.

The company's philosophy has invariably been focussed on knowing the concerns of our customers, and transforming those concerns in a continuous manner so as to tailor them to the needs of the pre-prepared convenience food products sector, always in an environment of respect, integration and loyalty to the workers who make up the company and the Community in which our business activity is carried out, an active and respectful participation in same.

Our work is based on:
  • Improvement in our planning and production system together with the diversification of the production areas, in order to obtain continuous improvement in customer service.
  • Internationalization of the company so as to continue to have a presence and participation in European markets.
  • Active implementation and development of Corporate Social Responsibility, in order to obtain a balance between the economic, social and environmental areas.
It is our job to keep working and collaborating with our current and future customers, so as learn more about their processes, in order to improve interaction with them day by day, in an environment of continuous improvement of the company.


Yolanda Vaello

Key Account Manager
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