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via delle viti 5
40127 Bologna Bologna


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 051 9941111
Fax: +39 051 9941220

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Our Group is a real production – distribution chain.
We are innovation and research that arise from the tradition of the land. We cultivate fresh fruit and vegetables but, at the same time, we manage all the production steps from the processing to the packing and distribution over the territory. Our fresh fruit and vegetables are served on every family’s table all over the world.
Through this path we transform the expertise and work of our members, fruit and vegetable growers, in value and nutritional, organoleptic quality; serving not just the modern and the traditional distribution, the commercial and the collective catering, but also the final consumer.

We work in a short chain, which means no intermediate business steps that is the reason of our products’ high quality. This kind of management, having a direct relationship with the market, offers the opportunity to assure constant quality, food safety, local culture, food traceability.

From Agribologna, the consortium leader, originate two additional companies to guarantee a 360° service. Fresco Senso takes care of the fresh ready-to-eat fruit and vegetables. Conor manages the whole supply process of fresh fruit and vegetables for the commercial, naval and collective catering, for the modern and traditional distribution and for the food services. Conor, also imports fresh fruit and vegetables from the overseas and sells both the local, national and overseas production all over the world, mainly to Eastern Europe, the Middle East and the Far East.