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60000 Gjilan
Komuna e Gjilanit


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Telefon: +355 67 469 4693

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Agmia Fruits jointly owns around 200 ha of Orchards.
Our fruits grow on 700-900 meters high hills, far from the cities and traffic. There is no industry in its vicinity and it is an area that is scarcely populated. It is a land that was utilised for growing fruits for decades, due to its position and quality of earth that provide perfect conditions in producing healthy fruits full of aroma and flavour.
Due to the political turmoil in the 80s-90s and the war in Kosovo, those wonderful hills were left out and the fruit trees needed to be replanted after the war was over and our life was slowly getting back on track. But, the positive side of it is that the land was resting for all those years and now being revitalised it provides us with wonderful harvest for our end products.
We have our cold storage and drying facilities amidst the orchards thus our fruits do not travel to reach their final processing spot. This is the secret to the full flavour of our fruits whether fresh, frozen or dried.