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Karslilar district, YSE street NO18
01170 Adana


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +90 5465449010
Fax: +90 3222322414

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Adamey Agriculture   has been founded in 2006 in Adana to pack and export fresh fruits and vegetables.
We, as Adamey  Agriculture, grow thirty-five different kinds of fresh fruit and vegetable all of which are the crops of our country’s fertile soil with a staff of 150 people employed in our factory. Exporting 30,000 tones of citrus, 10,000 tones of fruit and 10,000 tones of vegetable each year from our factory which is founded in an area of 38,000 square metres in Adana-Kozan, we have been making a significant contribution to the country’s economy.
Adamey  Agriculture has always made a difference in the industry and always been one step ahead of its competitors working with numerous kinds of product groups in 12 months of a year, performing top class production and distribution, and making a considerable amount of exportation to the countries which have recently started exports of fresh fruit-vegetable-citrus such as far-east including Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, Also Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar and especially to the market chains of Ukraine and Russia. . Keeping on its production and activities right on this path with resolute steps, Adamey Agriculture is going to continue on working with its full strength in order to make investments for the quality and raise the market proportion of its self-production vegetable and citrus in export.