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Telefon: +90 224 4112371
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The mission of Aypek Ambalaj / Lifepack and Agrolife are to provide packaging solutions to national and international fresh fruit traders based on the criteria and demand of target markets where they transport their fresh produce. The packaging material is additionally supported with other proper postharvest technologies and consultancy. Our mission starts at the point where you harvest your produce and continues till it reaches the consumer.
Bags are manufactured from a semi permeable film that can control gas exchange.The semipermeable character of the film is based on the activity of several intelligent molecules placed inside the film. These molecules allow O2 to enter the package at a rate ofset by consumption O2 by the commodity. Similiarly CO2 must be vented from the package to ofset the production of CO2 by the commodity. Furthermore, this atmosphere must be established rapidly and without creating anoxic conditions or injuriously high levels of  CO2. Lifepack and Agrolife MA Bags vents released ethylene gas from the modified atmosphere and thereby eliminates the possibility of acceleration of repinning then senesence and deterioration and decay ,Lifepack and Agrolife MA bags enriches the modified atmosphere with sufficent relative humidity and completely inhibits the weight loss. In contrast it never creates a water-saturated atmosphere that will cause microbial spoliage of fresh produce.