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Zone Industriale Località Giarnera Grande
71022 Ascoli Satriano (FG) Foggia


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 0885 900100
Fax: +39 0881 296127

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Assodaunia was founded in 1988 and was firstly recognized, in 1989, as Producers Association (according with EC Reg . 1035/72 ) and later, in 1997, as PO - Producers Organization (according with EU Reg .2200/96). Its social basis is represented by both producers cooperatives and single farmers, who act above all on the territory of the province of Foggia , as well as in other areas of Apulia and other nearby regions. Its main productions are represented by tomatoes for industry and market -garden produce for fresh consumption , such as broccolis , cauliflowers, fennels and many other autumn -wintry vegetables , and also tomatoes for fresh consumption.

Since 1992 Assodaunia equipped itself with an "Integrated Pest Management Centre", where agronomist and agrarian expert work for supplying technical assistance to its members, as far as concerns both traditional and "integrated production" of high quality vegetables also according with EC Reg 2078/92. Much care is dedicated to experimental techniques of biological and integrated pest management , in collaboration with the University , the national Research Centre (i.e. C.N.R.), the regional Technical Bureaux and the Bioplants, where insects and mites useful to agriculture are bred. The "integrated production" is based on the adoption of a "regulation of production" for each cultivation , that farmers promise to respect, supported by technicians, by recording all their cultural operations- and the related used products - on
"country form".