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Via Brennero, 322
38121 Trento


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 461 824001
Fax: +39 461 823730

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Apot is a cooperative, in the legal form of a consortium, recognized as A.P.O. (Association of Producers’ Organizations) under the EC Reg. 1234/2008 and EC Reg.1580/2017. Apot’s members are Melinda, La Trentina and Co.P.A.G.. Through its associates, Apot represents about 85% of the entire fruit sector of Trento province.

The 95% of the represented production (about 500.000 tons.) and of turnover (350.000.000 Euro) comes from apples, followed by cherries, berries, strawberries, kiwis, plums and potatoes. APOT represents 4.789 fruit growers working on 8.130 hectares. The members have more than 1.400 employees, the majority of whom are women involved in the cycle of processing, selection and packaging of the products.

Apot is responsible, for the entire F&V sector of Trento Province, for the elaboration and management of the integrated production regulations, including the coordination of checks and controls, the related analyses and, if it is the case, the application of sanctions.

The Association wants to be the landmark for fruit and vegetable producers in Trentino. The main objectives are:
  • To Ensure high-level training for all fruit growers
  • To Promote experimental activities using the available modern techniques
  • To Promote cultivation techniques pursuing the quality and the sustainability of production
  • To Develop specific projects to guarantee growers’ and consumers’ needs