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Via Cesare Lombroso, 54
20137 Milano


Telefon / Fax:
Telefon: +39 02 5510622
Fax: +39 02 55195646

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lt was 1990 when Albuzza, Alberto and Massimiliano decided to set-up AL.MA. to continue the work of their father Angelo who had started importing exotic fruit in Italy almost twenty years earlier. The company imports and sells premium quality exotic fruit only, preferably transporting it by air so that it maintains its typical organoleptic properties that derive from the natural ripening on the plant. AL.MA. FRUTTA has its premises in the General Markets of Milan and provides four different services: wholesale, home delivery, distribution to all the general markets in Italy and large-scale distribution.

Products are supplied on a wholesale basis to the main fruit and vegetable shops in Milan and to several ‘boutiques“ who specialize in exotic and early fruit. The delivery service is mainly designed to meet the needs of international and high level chefs working in hotels, restaurants, bars and cafeterias. The distribution service consists in supplying mixed pallets of all AL.MA.‘s products to the general markets of other Italian cities like Turin, Padua, Florence, Bologna and Rome. The key activity of the company is however the distribution to largescale retailers, which has also enabled it to expand its activities to fields like packaging.

AL.MA. has developed for its customers, with whom it has defined excellent working relations, small cartons that contain 2/3 kg of the products (“MINI PACKAGES“) of larger containers, with the specific aim of simplifying retail sales. However, the company has also developed a container for large-scale retail, consisting in a rigid shell made in transparent plastic, which is used for products (mainly exotic fruit) that are ripe, soft and ready to be eaten. These unique and very useful containers have been designed to simplify distribution to large-scale retailers and allow them to reap the advantages of being able to sell fruit imported and packaged by AL.MA.

The latest novelty introduced by AL.MA. is the fresh cut exotic fruit, which comprises tropical mixes of mango, papaya, pineapple, sliced coconut and peeled pomegranate produced in Ghana, Egypt and South Africa. The peculiarity of this offer lies in the fact that the products are prepared and packaged in the place of origin and imported in this form. This means that fruit maintains an excellent taste because it is only processed when ripe. All operations are carried out in compliance with local culture and traditions and in an atmosphere of trust, commitment and well-being.